Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings Ltd

  Kingboard Copper Foil Holdings Limited, with electrolyzed copper foils as its main product, now has two producing bases in Fogang and Lianzhouof Guangdong Province. With a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan(RMB), the annual production of electrolyzed copper foils of 72,000 tons, and the registered stuff number of 1,500 , Kingboard has, after dozens of years' development, become an all-round top company in the electrolyzed copper foil field, in terms of manufacture scale, automatic level, product variety and processing technics. Its copper foils, with thickness ranging from 6 to 210 μm, It is not only popular at Mainland, but also gains reputation and market in overseas.such as Italy, America, Canada, etc.

  Kingboard, as a compact group, has been practicing the spirit of "harmonious, effective, factualistic, innovative" to realize enterprise targets. Here, including diversified professionals specialized in product R&D, producing process and enterprise management gather and share experience of electrolyzed copper foil manufacturing. Besides its main products of electrolytic abrading copper foil which are specially used for the manufacture of Copper Clad Laminate(CCL) and PCBs, Kingboard also owns capacities for manufacturing new-style copper foils, such as battery copper foils(BC copper foil),Low profile copper foil(LP copper foil), Double-side treated copper foil(DT copper foil), High temperature and high elongation copper foil(HTE copper foil), etc.

  "Through advanced technics and equipments, scientific managing methods, human-oriented managing concepts, to create perfect quality and achieve maximized satisfaction in constant innovation." Based on these quality principles, Kingboard has made its products popular with enormous customers both for their appearance and performance. Besides, Kingboard has always been pay attention to great importance to environment protection. Following the principles of "circulation and economization", mechanism of energy saving and environmental protection has been established. On the way to realizing harmless and semi-closed manufacture, Kingboard has successfully passed ISO14001 attestation, and is now near its goal of becoming an environmentally friendly enterprise.

  In order to adapt to the new request of continuable development, Kingboard is now making every effort to exploit new kinds of copper foils that are excellent, novel, special and delicate in quality. It is now facing market challenges with a brand-new image as well as a renewed system, ready to make its own contributions to the copper foil industry.

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